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Culturally Responsive Guidelines for Serving Families of Bilingual Children Who Stutter--Video plus CE Assessment

In this 75 minute presentation, Ana Paula G. Souza Mumy, SLPD, CCC-SLP discusses cultural responsiveness as it pertains to working with bilingual families, with a special focus on bilingual children who stutter. She talks about the vital role of the home language as well as the far-reaching detrimental effects of removing or reducing use of the home language within the family. She also challenges the notion of treating bilingualism as a "demand" or "burden" on a child's linguistic system. She examines how language and culture tie to the importance of clinical and patient evidence when making treatment decisions, particularly when research evidence is lacking. Finally, she explores guiding principles for family-centered treatment, viable solutions, and practical recommendations for working with bilingual children who stutter and their families.

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