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Armoring Children for the Slings and Arrows of Stuttering--Video plus CEU Assessment

The psychosocial consequences of stuttering including anxiety, stigma, social isolation, negative listener reactions, and bullying are well-documented. The degree to which children who stutter experience these “slings and arrows,” and the ways in which they respond, vary. In this presentation, Dr. Ellen Kelly, CCC-SLP, of Vanderbilt University explores resiliency theory and research to motivate a strengths-based model of resilience. She discusses assessment and treatment of stuttering in school-age children in familial, social, and academic contexts. She presents practical strategies for providing children who stutter and their families with the armor needed to build healthy adaptation to stuttering and to thrive in communicative interactions.

Financial: Ellen M. Kelly is an employee of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Her work is supported, in part, by annual gifts from the Malcolm Fraser Foundation.
Non-Financial: Nothing to disclose.

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